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The Art of August

Wanda Gillespie Art Ache

The Art of August

Written for Verve Magazine by Aimée Ralfini.

Published 01.07.19

The light around this time of year is so beautiful, it’s frozen in twilight. Elongated shadows stretch across winter surfaces, like cold long fingers wrapping around exposed skin. If you’re up early and enjoy walking, you’ll likely catch the morning fog, still nestling in suburbia, reluctantly dissipating as the winter sun eases into the day.

This August’s visually stimulating activities are perfect for lovers of art and companionship. With the MAGS Art Show, the Waikato Contemporary Art Award, and the Art Ache Winter Billboards, there is plenty to see outside the usual gallery setting. However, if you’re in the mood for solitude, there are many fabulous exhibitions up around the city too. A few picks for this month are:

Wanda Gillespie Solo Show

Through her contemporary wood carvings Wanda questions the nature of reality. Using real and invented historical facts she creates her own world, the characters and artefacts of which form the body of her wok.

Opening at The Vivian Matakana late August

MAGS art show

The 6th MAGS art show kicks off on Friday 16th August. A must for anyone interested in seeing a vast range of artwork by both students and professional artists. All proceeds go to supporting the school. A fabulous evening out, with something for everyone to enjoy.

August 16th – 18th at Mount Albert Grammar School

Cat Fooks Sprung from the soil

Sprung from the soil is a translation from the German word Wahneinfall, meaning delusion intuition. For Fooks the phrase conjures up the heady, irresistible terrain of painterly spontaneity that exercises her imagination.

On until August 23rd at Anna Miles Gallery

Waikato Contemporary Art Award

This year the awards have been judged by renowned photographer Dr Fiona Pardington, who has selected 53 works by 51 artists nationwide. A lovely way to spend a beautiful sunny winters day, driving through the countryside to experience a selection of the best contemporary art New Zealand has to offer.

August 3rd to November 10th at Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato

Marie Shannon Love Notes Billboard campaign

Marie Shannon is one of New Zealand’s most singular and noted photographers. In this campaign, love notes shared between her and partner, (now deceased), have been photographed and changed into artefacts of memory, love and loss. Blown up on giant digital billboards like visual memorials around Auckland’s cityscape.

*Podcasted interview with artist at*



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Widget image credit: Artist Wanda Gillespie.