Terms & Conditions

Once you have made payment, we will get in touch with you to organise shipping.

If you fail to make payment within 42 hours of winning the auction, the artwork will be offered to the next bidder.

If an auction has high activity in it’s last few seconds it will auto extend for another 5 minutes, allowing another bid.

We do not take responsibility for participants’ software crashing. If your software crashes during an auction and you miss out on the win, it is not our responsibility. However, we can connect you with the artist or their dealer should you wish to check out similar work available by the artist whose work you may have missed out on.

It will take up to six weeks to receive your artwork once payment has been made. If for whatever reason delivery has not been arranged, we will hold the artwork for 6 months.

Consumer law applies to all wins and purchases.

Art Ache is a creative activation platform that fundraises for various causes. Money raised from an auction will be donated to the chosen cause as specified in the breadcrumb on an item page.

Currently we are fundraising to support the Green Party and Chloe Swarbrick’s campaign for Central Auckland. It has been authorised by the Green Party that this auction can be promoted by Aimee Ralfini, 2/21 Emmett Street, Auckland 1011 as a third party promoter.