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Podcast: Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace Video Still

Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace aka Parallel Teeth is a maker of videos such as Beffy by Ladi6, Rangers by Randa and more recently Hang by Merk.

Live-to-air on 95bFM – 18.10.18.

Vector shapes loosely collide to create characters that move with slippery robotic sway.

Like a bathtub bopping to a symphonic rhythm, Robert Wallace’s animated illustrations are a modern take on the classic caricature of early Warner Bros.

Limited colour palettes are juxtaposed with modernist gradients, and vector shapes are combined in an almost rudimentary style to create quirky and engaging personalities.

Wallace’s use of texture, reminiscent of early Pentium PC / Commodore 64 rasta graphics, sits like icing upon joyously stylised shapes, maximising their sheer simplicity.

Robert Wallace Video Still

Robert Wallace Video Still

Robert Wallace Video StillAnimation clips from Randa’s Rangers video

Further info: Artists website  |  Instagram.

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