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Podcast: Evie Kemp

Art Ache Evie Kemp

Evie Kemp

Colourist Evie Kemp chats with Aimée Ralfini about her ongoing series of work Under The Rug which features in the upcoming Art Ache event.

Live-to-air on 95bFM – 27.08.18.


Genitalia that pops, bubbles and cracks with colour!

“Initially I found these works challenged my own ingrained discomfort with the subject matter, but with each new piece my comfort and confidence has grown –  which is reflected in the increase of size, variation, colours of each new work” – Evie Kemp

Evie’s work has created connections and relationships across the world, which further speaks to the strength and sisterhood of feminism in 2018.

“Each piece is as individual as the woman that owns them, and I think that’s so significant. It’s so interesting to see how personal it gets, and how different works speak to different women.” – Evie Kemp

Evie sees these vulvas as every woman she’s ever known and all those she hasn’t yet met – the strength and power she gets from them is intoxicating and full with endless possibilities.

“For me, it’s an ownership of a part of myself I’ve long been ashamed of. Women have been kept down by shame for as long as any records show, so what happens when we no longer feel that shame? When a vulva hangs as a piece of fun artwork in a family home, what happens then?”

Find out on Tuesday – Event night for Art Ache at The Ellen Melville Centre, where we will be ‘gently stickering’ Evie’s snatches around Freyberg Square, with the hope that people will un-peel them and stick them on their own property in our snatch-a-snatch art gift gorilla campaign.

Not in Auckland or can’t make the event? DONT WORRY! We’ve got you sorted :-). You can still support (and donate to) the artist and Art Ache by purchasing one of the Art Ache Collect archival prints from our shop. These artworks are limited and have been created specifically for this particular Art Ache event, with the utopian theme in mind.

Written by Aimee Ralfini for Art Ache, 9th October 2018.

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