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Podcast: David Shrigley

David Shrigley Art Ache

The daring maverick of visual humour, David Shrigley

What’s he like anyway?

Currently exhibiting new works on paper at Auckland Art Gallery Two Rooms until March 2nd, David Shrigley chats about his day-to-day activities, comes clean about Thom Yorke (finally) and has a potent message for the Millenials.

Recorded live for Art Ache – 18.02.19

Podcast link HERE.

Time and time again – in fact for the last 20 years, Shrigley has invigorated the atmosphere of mausoleums, commuter trains and social media with his ubiquitous satirical combination of drawing and text.

How does he maintain such visual fluidity in the art of humour? What inspires him?

If laughter is the cure, then surely Shrigley is a drug. And if Shrigley is the drug, then what are his main ingredients?

Podcast link HERE.

Length: 16:30

Order of Contents:

Introduction – What’s this daring maverick of visual humour really like?

1 – A day in the life of Shrigley

2 – Shrigley’s Process

3 – Shrigley’s Inspiration

4 – Reading and writing

5 – Shrigley comes clean about Thom Yorke.

6 – Fine Art Meme Dude-Ranch Zen

7 – Shrigley Park

8 – Mind-Blowing Art

9 – Influencers

10 – Shrigley’s message for the Millennials

11 – Brexit (can f-off)

12 – Cleanliness.

The end.

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More information on:
David Shrigley (UK)
Two Rooms Gallery (AKL)
Stephen Friedman Gallery (LDN)

Very special thanks to David Shrigley and the team at Two Rooms gallery for making the possible. Much love.