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Podcast: Dane Mitchell

Dane Mitchell

Post Hoc, 2019. Artist Dane Mitchell.

New Zealand National Pavilion, Biennale Arte, Venice, Italy.

Recorded live for Art Ache – 13.08.19

Podcast link HERE.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

What if it’s a cell-tower disguised as a tree?

In Venice, Italy…

Known as the Olympics of art, the Venice Biennale is pretty much the ‘top’ for artists. New Zealand’s 2019 representative is Dane Mitchell, whose project delivers cryptic lists of the vanished, the lost, or the destroyed.

Mitchell’s work broadcasts a vast inventory of bygone things to locations throughout the
city via fake tree cell towers, providing smartphone access via hotspot which you can hear the lists.

At the Palazzina Canonica – the epi-center of the work, scrolling lengths of paper lists emerge from a printer placed high upon a structural frame, they cascade down settling in ripples on the floor, forming an elegantly minimal installation of all that which has been lost.

Dane Mitchell produces artworks and spatial experiences that investigate how systems of knowledge are constructed and practically applied.

He is known for intellectually agile work that isn’t immediately obvious or readable.

Through his practice, Mitchell tests how human beliefs and convictions exist in spaces between logic and perception. Operating on the threshold of logic, his work supports the existence of uncertainty, or instability, within rational understanding.

Listen to the podcasted interview via Art Aches Spotify.

Details of work:

Post Hoc, by Dane Mitchell.
The Palazzina Canonica, Riva dei Sette Martiri, and surrounding locations, Venice, Italy.
On until November 24th 2019.
For more information go to

More information:

Artists website: Dane Mitchell
Interview by Aimée Ralfini
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