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Podcast: Groundswell

Art Ache Podcast

Avant-guard Auckland in the ’70s

Contemporary Art curator Natasha Conland shares her discoveries about Auckland’s Avant-garde in the ’70s.

Groundswell: Avant-garde Auckland 1971-79, Auckland Art Gallery until March 31, 2019.

Recorded live for Art Ache – 18.01.19

Podcast link HERE.

When a broad and deep undulation of the ocean, caused by a distant gale or seismic disturbance occurs it’s called a groundswell.

When a rapid spontaneous growth in support of a political opinion occurs, it’s called a groundswell.

So what happened when a group of Auckland artists started making highly experimental art in the ’70s? Groundswell: Avant-Guard Auckland 71-79.

Podcast link HERE.

Length: 17:00

Order of Contents:

Introduction – Avant-garde Auckland in the ’70s, what more could you want to hear about?

1 – How-to: Crack the mindset of the establishment and get endorsement

2 – Relationships between artists and the Auckland Art Gallery these days

3 – New Zealander’s can be funny

4 – Parallels in art movements between today and the ’70s.

5 – The relevance of Art

6 – How do our artists stack up internationally?

7 – Spray-painting gallery walls.

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