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Podcast: Charles Ninow

Art Ache Podcast

Charles Ninow

Charles Ninow, one half of Bowerbank Ninow is one of a new breed of auctioneers emerging from Auckland’s lively Art Auction scene.

With Auction N11 set for November 28th, supported by a stunning catalogue, we thought it time to talk to the man behind all the excitement.

Recorded live for Art Ache – 22.11.18

Podcast link HERE.

Podcast link HERE.

Length: 18:43

Order of Contents:

Introduction – The New Breed

1 – Bowerbank Ninow – Dealer + Auction House

2 – Art start-up road bumps

3– Charles’ Artistic heritage

4 – Beginning at Webbs, advice for budding auctioneers

5 – Essays and commissioning writers

6 – The Phone In Bidder and their Phone handlers

7 – An excellent app idea

8 – Biggest coo at the upcoming Auction?

Podcast link HERE.


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