Vaimaila Urale – Lepo

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Vaimaila Urale
Lepo, 2017
Acrylic on canvas. 1820 x 3000 mm

Lepo represents Vaimaila Urale’s exploration of painting on canvas. The painting reiterates her commitment to the use of symbols which strongly identifies her practice.Urale uses four universal keyboard symbols < > / \ to create the template for her artworks. These symbols have two defined cultural references; Firstly, they represent Samoan symbols used in pre-colonial art forms such as tapa (bark cloth), tatau (tattooing) and lapita pottery. Secondly, they reference ASCII art also known as text based visual art which transpired as an early form of computer imagery. Specialist valuation NZ$7,250.00

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Artist Bio:

Vaimaila Urale was born in the village of Fagamalo, Savaii, Samoa, and also heralds from the village of Matavai, Safune. She is currently based in Avondale, Tamaki Makaurau. Vaimaila’s diverse art practice references traditional Samoan symbols and digital technologies. As a visual artist, placing Samoan symbols and motifs at the root of my art practice is vital and empowering. I am consciously engaging within the continuum of knowledge systems and patterns unique to the Moana, allowing me to create dialogue and articulate meaning in contemporary spaces. She has exhibited internationally, including recent presentations at Para-Site Gallery, Hong Kong, 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia and the 4th International Casablanca Biennale, Morocco. She is part of the creative team for Moana Meridian, an experimental opera to be performed at the United Nations HQ in New York. Vaimaila is a co-founder of art collective D.A.N.C.E. Art Club. She also runs Moana Fresh in Avondale with long time arts collaborator Ahilapalapa Rands. More info via

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