Gavin Hurley – Spring II

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Gavin Hurley
Spring II, 2015
Paper collage and thread, framed. 435 x 345 mm

Nostalgia for subject matter is extended to material as Hurley utilises textured papers and aged illustrations from old books thrifted from antique and second-hand stores. These collages frequently display their seams, there are cracks where shapes do not quite match and these are sometimes carried through into his paintings. Both collages and paintings share Hurley’s trademark palette which consists of sherbet pastels, generic browns and blacks, simplified primary colours and the ubiquitous powder-blue of a clear sky. Specialist valuation NZ$2,500.00


Artist Bio:

Hurley’s portraits are subtle approximations featuring sitters that seem to spring from outmoded encyclopaedias, old history textbooks, or from obtuse pop-culture origins. Hurley crafts second-hand buccaneers, colonials, cineastes, painters, wenches and year-book darlings into oil paintings and collages. All bear their stylised facial features, whether they are Cupid’s bow lips, eye-colours, chin-clefts, philtra, periwigs or side-burns like characters from the “Guess Who?” board game. All of Hurley’s works play with material and sensation, thick coarse hessian contrasts with heavy underpainting and a meticulous flat finish; varicoloured, carefully placed and glued paper shapes assemble on papery backgrounds in the company of scraps of old book covers and exercise book sheets. Gavin Hurley (b. 1973) a full-time artist based in Auckland, graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, in 1998, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Since then he has exhibited nationally and internationally in private galleries as well as public art institutions. More info via Melanie Roger Gallery

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