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Art Ache summer 2019/20

Billy Apple Art Ache 2020

The Beauty Around Us.

This years Art Ache Summer campaign features the work of Janet Lilo and Billy Apple. Both artists work have public artworks around the inner city which the campaign reflects.

Art Ache Summer 2019–20.

“This campaign encourages fresh engagement with our urban landscape. Both artists have presented works which connect to their own Public artworks. 

As we go through our daily routines it is easy to blinker out elements of the cityscape that doesn’t directly effect us. Using billboards as a medium to exhibit art gives us the opportunity to manifest a chance encounter beyond expectation, which opens up the mind to the possibility of discovering the magic around us, which we may have previously overlooked.” – Aimee Ralfini, Art Ache.

Lilo’s Artworks can be seen to echo her series Don’t Dream It’s Over – light poles covered in bananas usually positioned along K.rd. Apples work directly references the Billy Apple Compass, a commissioned work by Albert Eden Board created to encourage people to navigate around his artworks in the area. The QR code on the billboard will link directly to the app, and allow anyone participating to have their very own Billy Apple.

Billy Apple established himself as an art brand in 1962. He has had over 250 solo exhibitions and has been curated into more than 250 group shows. Apple has exhibited with Andy Warhol and other pivotal artists associated with the New York and British schools of Pop Art in the 1960’s and Conceptual Art movements in the 1970s. He is considered a pioneer of using neon in art.

Janet Lilo b.1982 (Ngāpuhi, Samoan & Niuean) works in digital video, photography and Installation. Her art practice explores experimental documentary and drawing processes for exhibition, performance and archive. She is interested in documentation as a conversational and social tool for recording time, people and place – often with reference to popular culture.

“I like the sentiments of objects or things. I also like doing, using, appropriating subject matter that is local and global.

Banana’s are everywhere, just like basketball hoops and Michael Jackson. 

The identity of such things is so worldly and I am generally interested in the commonalities rather than differences. I am also very into being a bit playful with my art practice.” – Janet Lilo. Artist.

Art Ache and Digital billboard company LUMO are holding hands. Both share the same core values around the importance of intelligent visual communication.

Art Ache is an artist-centric movement in art communication. It aims to make art and culture part of the everyday conversation in New Zealand. Art Ache believes at the core of every happy healthy society is a strong connection with its cultural ambassadors.

LUMO billboards present the very best in luminance quality and uniformity, true-to-life colour calibration, brilliant contrast and reliability in digital screens in New Zealand. They have real-time capabilities making them New Zealand’s only Smart Billboards. The audience on one billboard alone can reach up to 29,645 on average daily. That’s a lot of people who get to experience art.

More Information

Artist Janet Lilo: Instagram | Artists website
Artist Billy Apple: Wikipedia | Artists website

For press, sponsorship and collaboration enquiries please contact Aimee Ralfini.

Additional Press  The Big Idea

Locations of work: On display 23rd December 2019 – 19th January 2020.
Located on LUMO digital billboards the campaign will be moving around the following locations over the four week period.

27 Beach Road, AKL  |  19 Newton Rd, Grey Lynn  |  10 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton  |  18 Stanley St, Parnell  |  394 New North Rd, Kingsland |  182 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby  |  505 Grey St, Hamilton East.

For further enquiries about the artworks, their locations or the artists in relation to this project, please contact Aimee Ralfini. Special thanks to Kent at LUMO digital.